webinar moderation: decision making decoded

April 11, 2021

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of moderating a live webinar on the art of decision making with the renowned guest speaker Joseph Bikart. This webinar was presented by ASMALLWORLD, the world's leading travel & lifestyle community.

As every facet of our lives depends on the decisions we make, Joseph Bikart (founding partner and director of Templar Advisors, London) explained the audience of the ASMALLWORLD webinar series the driving forces on decision making. Throughout the webinar Joseph Bikart gave very practical advice how to improve decision making in general and how to move from indecision to smart choices. Funny enough, the Q&A part of the webinar was being challenged by a blackout, which hit my apartment building during the second half of the live webinar. With the help of a candle, a battery lamp and my smartphone, the moderation came to a good end.

If you are interested in watching the recording, please click on the button below: