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To stay competitive in our dynamic and interconnected world, it is key for any business to be resilient. COVID-19 has taught us that it is essential to react in a flexible, reflected and fast way to external events. But not only an unexpected pandemic makes us vulnerable. Fierce competition, technological innovation and changing buying behavior also underline the necessity to constantly monitor and reflect the business strategy to find creative ways to differentiate from competition and to better serve clients. 

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you cannot not communicate

In every transformation, an immediate orientation through communication is key. If full use of this window of opportunity is not made, insecurity and rumors will spread, harming the momentum of transformation efforts.

Can you afford not to take communication seriously?

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evolve marketing

In the current times, it is essential to make use of the network effect of marketing to become more client centric. By leveraging digital marketing, products and services can be positioned in a very effective and cost saving manner. New clients can be reached much faster and communication to existing clients will become more targeted. A much higher value of marketing can be reached by combining digital and classic marketing tactics.

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live ecosystems

Managing ecosystems (e.g. key clients, strategic partners, suppliers, analysts) is one of the most challenging tasks of leadership. Especially in times of transformation, changes in the organisation have a huge and critical effect on stakeholders. Only a consistently planned strategy will help you stabilize and innovate your extended network.

Why don’t you unlock the full potential of your ecosystem?

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In a globalized, fast-paced economy, M&A events represent a real opportunity but also a major risk factor for organizations. In the past, cost reduction and revenue acceleration were main success factors. Nowadays, additional goals like technology availability, market access or talent sourcing can make post-merger integration activities a complex, risky and expensive endeavor. To mitigate substantial risks, it is essential to shape the integration strategy early with a clear focus on the synergy side of your transaction. Only by following a structured innovation approach, your corporate transaction will develop into a viable success and the true potential of your new entity can be leveraged. This is why the aim of viabledesign is to translate post-merger integration into post-merger innovation.

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