unlocking hospitality excellence: a new paradigm for food & beverage

May 9, 2024
Nobu Hotel Pool Barcelona

In the exciting world of hospitality, 'food and beverage' (F&B) or 'bars and restaurants' (B&R) stand as the cornerstone elements. These are the conduits through which we forge the deepest connections with our guests. Yet, all too often, owners and operators overlook the profound potential of these touchpoints, failing to invest adequately in time, manpower, or education. My morning read, an interview, recommended by the esteemed hospitality luminary Jean-Luc Naret, piqued my curiosity.

Root Causes And Embracing Future Challenges

Mr. Koperra's illustrious career journey paints a vivid picture. However, I must assert: the concepts articulated in the interview by Caroline Riley are not forward-thinking. How is it possible that the term "client/customer/guest" is mentioned only once? And even then, solely in the context of conveying a concept to customers.

The future of hospitality belongs to attentive listeners, those attuned to evolving customer expectations and dynamics. The mindset in the interview reflects a bygone era in luxury hospitality. Today demands more: a deeper understanding, sharper insights, and a strategy derived from them. The antiquated inside-out approach, championed by seasoned industry experts, falls short, especially when serving well-travelled HNWI . The result? Standardized upscale food concepts, replicated globally, missing the local flavour and Zeitgeist. These concepts often fall short in delivering service excellence because they struggle to attract the right caliber of staff with their standardized approach. While their soul is the brand, hospitality is way more. More about local content, reflecting the current culture and of course the heritage. And what is key is translating its essence of hospitality: Exploring!

Hotel lobby Barcelona
Navigating The Path To Sustainable Success

The challenge for the future is twofold: anticipating the needs of guests and empowering them to explore, while ensuring the highest quality standards. This way, guests can be pleasantly surprised and learn something unique about the place and its heritage, making it a memorable destination. Unique and authentic experiences are the essence of the future.

Here's to those bold enough to resist the mainstreamđŸ¥‚.

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Photo rights are with Detlef Schmidt; Nobu Hotel, Cotton House, Barcelona, Spain, April 2024