hospitality announcement: vitality and future-readiness assessment

August 4, 2023
hotel room, hospitality assessment

To support the 2024 planning cycle of the hospitality industry, viabledesign is offering for a limited time until the end of 2023 an exciting packaged deal, the "Vitality and Future Readiness Assessment". This one-day assessment infuses hospitality leaders with fresh ideas for growth and helps to quickly identify inefficiencies and unfulfilled customer needs in their properties.

Based on the first-hand guest perspective by the hospitality executive advisor Detlef Schmidt, all relevant experiences along the guest journey are sharply being mirrored regarding customer value. In addition, the guest journey will be examined in terms of social trend readiness, resilience and new business ideas, by identifying unused potential. After each one-day engagement, a 30-minute debriefing and coaching meeting will be held to summarize all findings. A minimum of a three-page summary of the "Vitality and Future Readiness Assessment" will be shared a few days later, highlighting key areas of action and unused innovation potential.

Infuse your 2024 planning by bringing guest excellence to a new level and learn from our unique international benchmarking knowledge in the upscale hospitality industry. Prices for the assessment start at Euro 890,-.

For further information and booking your appointment contact: