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February 15, 2024

Bill Walshe's recent publication on LInkedIn prompted me to contemplate the leadership dynamics within the hospitality industry from an employee's standpoint. I admire Walshe's approach to fostering an environment that provides direction and purpose, promotes cultural integration, and establishes a framework for collaborative #leadership. However, there's a crucial aspect that seems overlooked.

Organisational Dynamics

Drawing from my own experience*, I've observed a significant shift in today's corporate landscapes with a huge effect. Boundaries between companies have become increasingly fluid. When a leadership culture is too narrowly focused on the internal organizational culture, it risks excluding clients and the broader corporate network to some extent. While this may satisfy management, it leaves the entire organisation adrift in an inward-facing world — an outcome that must be avoided at all costs, resulting in lost momentum in the marketplace.

* having transitioned into hospitality following a 20-year international career with prominent brands in automotive and tech

Sivananda Ayurvedic Hospital team, Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India
Managing Relationships

In today's landscape, building trustful relationships is paramount - be it with guests (an aspect curiously absent from the attached article), partners, or suppliers. Therefore, the primary role of leadership in hospitality extends beyond providing guidance; it involves acting as a catalyst for the various stakeholders within the business model, fostering an environment where this extended network can thrive.

Paradigm Shift & Future Outlook

Based on my projects and observations, it's clear that the hospitality workforce is acutely aware of their pivotal role in networking. However, the disconnect arises when job roles fail to align with this understanding, resulting in frustration and, often, unnecessary turnover/attrition. A motivated and committed hospitality workforce resembles highly skilled multitaskers who excel at cultivating relationships and innovation - a quality that underpins the success of the entire ecosystem. Job enrichment, currently lacking in many hospitality roles, represents the game-changing element in cutting-edge HR management and paves the way toward a leadership culture that's primed for the future.

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Link to Bill Walshe's Post on LinkedIn (13 February 2024)

Photo rights are with Detlef Schmidt; Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India; 2024