hospitality leadership conference

Abu Dhabi
the motivation behind

In 2021, Detlef Schmidt started conversations with extraordinary hospitality leaders about how they shaped their businesses during pandemic times. Some of these conversations were published in an interview format, called “one-on-one with the hospitality leader". These interviews were shared successfully through social media and can be found in the journal section. As the format progressed, the need for a regular exchange among hospitality leaders to discuss the most pressing problems became obvious. The idea of a leadership conference format was born, with the following positioning:

lobby Abu Dhabi
target groups
  • executive hospitality management
  • property owners
  • private equity executives
Lobby the Edition Abu Dhabi
areas of value generating content
Expo 2021 Dubai
benefits for all participants
  • insights into latest hospitality trends and future growth areas.
  • learn from extraordinary hospitality leaders, from game-changing personalities and from unique subject matter experts.
  • learn to make a difference in turbulent times.
  • learn to draw the right conclusions from the pandemic and learn to adapt business strategies for future growth.
  • learn to add resilience to any business model to avoid the full impact of future crisis.
  • learn to manage hospitality in environments affected by inflation risks.
  • learn to solve today’s HR management challenges.
  • build new and trustful connections for your future.